Seven Essential Time Management Tips for Nurses

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Seven Essential Time Management Tips for Nurses Carla is a new grad nearing the end of her orientation. At her scheduled end of orientation meeting, her manager says she has concerns about taking her off orientation due to her time management and critical thinking skills. Carla is being given two weeks to improve her performance. Carla’s stomach drops. She can’t believe what she is hearing. What is she hearing, actually? Is this code for getting fired? Should she quit? Who would hire her after this? Carla goes home and begins to feel angry. Yes, she finds the job hard, but believes she’s  basically doing OK. She hasn’t made any medication errors. Time management? What does that mean, exactly? Of course she’s slow, she has to look up meds, and then there’s all the interruptions. Her preceptor hadn’t told her she wasn’t doing well, although lately she’d been impatient when Carla asked questions. Here are seven essential time management tips for nurses   Prioritize A shift rarely unfolds in a pre-planned, linear fashion. Patients’ conditions change in a heartbeat and unanticipated admits show up at the same time as a Rapid Response. Meanwhile call lights are going off and you haven’t gone […]
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Author: Beth Hawkes