What to Wear to Your Nursing Interview

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What to Wear to Your Nursing Interview What you choose to wear to your nursing interview really is extremely important  because within seconds of stepping into the room, the interviewers have formed an instant impression of you.

Based on what? Your presentation.

What to Wear to Your Nursing Interview: Wear Something Forgettable Your outfit should be forgettable, and you should be memorable. Your clothes must not distract in any way.

Jason, a young man I interviewed once, wore a shirt and a tie but the shirt was too tight at the neck. It made me uncomfortable. To this day, that’s my only memory of him and his interview.

On the west coast, a tie may be a bit too dressed for a man in a nursing interview, but an open-necked dress shirt, sports jacket and crisp “dress” khakis are never wrong. Jasmine, a young, strikingly beautiful woman wore a white button-down shirt. White, crisp, button-down dress shirts for women can be beautiful and professional, but hers was slightly yellowed and mildly wrinkled. I couldn’t fathom why she would not be more careful in her appearance when her future was at stake. And that’s what I spent the whole interview thinking about. […]


Author: Beth Hawkes